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Family Centers

Family Centers

The family centers are places of encounter, accompaniment and support for families. Here you can get to know other families through various offers and exchange ideas with them. If you have specific questions, the employees of the family centers are available to advise you and / or provide further offers.

In detail, you can look at the linked pages and choose your offer.

Familienzentrum St. Ansgar

Coriansberg 18-20
25524 Itzehoe
Tel: 04821/1489380

Ev. Familienzentrum Itzehoe

Lindenstraße 93/ Wilhelmstraße 4
25524 Itzehoe
Tel: 04821/8898547 od. 04821/8883570





Familienzentrum Glückstadt

 Am Burggraben 1
25348 Glückstadt

Familienzentrum Kellinghusen

Schulstraße 4
25548 Kellinghusen
Tel: 04822/39340

Familienzentrum Brokstedt

Miteinander Leben e.V.
Osterfeld 42b
24616 Brokstedt

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